City of Mist Mythos Idea: The Final Girl

Use these three themekits to survive, fight back, and make a way out as you create a Rift of the Final Girl!

City of Mist Mythos Idea: The Final Girl
Creating a new City of Mist character can be daunting. There are so many options available to you that it can be easy to become overwhelmed in the vast amount of freedom you possess in character creation.

Below you'll find three Mythos themekits.

Essentially, a themekit is like a blueprint.

As a player, to use a themekit, you gain the first bolded Power Tag, and then select two other power tags listed, and then select one of the weakness tags. As you advance, you can select any of the other Power Tags or re-answer of the questions.

For more information on Themekits, check out p. 10 of Shadows and Showdowns.
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In the City of Mist, you aren't limited to a specific character as your Mythos. You can use concepts, such as serendipity or the monster's under the bed.

In this week's post, I bring you three themekits for a Rift of the Final Girl. You can pick a specific one and tailor the themebook's answers to your liking, or you can stick with the generic final girl—it's up to you!

I tried to pull inspiration from various slasher movies. These themekits represent some of the commonalities between all the Final Girls: the ability to survive, strength in dire need, and resourcefulness.

The Rift of the Final Girl

Destiny—Destined to Survive

This is your primary themekit. It mimics a Bastion theme in that it's focused on protecting you from dying, while also giving you ways to blend in and fight back. A Final Girl is a Final Girl because she survives, and this themekit will ensure that.

Work with your MC to select an initial villain for your character if you don't already have one from your backstory.

Power Tags

Survive any enemy, overlooked, survival instincts, won't die, fight back, memories of those I've lost, my enemy's own weapon, fight alongside them, use myself as bait, slayer of slashers

Weakness Tags

drawn to unfavorable situations, naive, everyone around me suffers, [name of your primary enemy]

Expression—The Killing Blow

Whether written as a stereotypical cheerleader or the unpopular bad girl, a Final Girl can fight—whether she wants to or not. This themekit makes you stronger in dire situations, while also letting you hit harder for foes that don't know what you can do as well as hold their attention if need be.

Power Tags

super strength, appear weak and unassuming, stronger than I appear, dire situations, those unaware of my power, unmovable, hold their attention, weaken an enemy's attack, "I must survive!", block the blow

Weakness Tags

caught off guard, not true evil, blind rage, bad publicity


A Final Girl is also pretty resourceful. They can grab a lamp and slow someone down, formulate a plan to help her and her allies, as well as lay a trap for the unsuspecting villain. Whatever the situation, they will always find a way out and persevere.

Power Tags

resourceful, turn object into a weapon, making a plan, back's against the wall, running away, can always find a way out, protecting my loved ones, brutal weapons, use whatever I can find, make a trap

Weakness Tags

must be in conflict, the bad guy always come back, only works on people who have killed, quick to judge

Logos Ideas

  • Pick any Final Girl from a movie and steal their life story, or any real-life circumstance where someone survived an attempted murder.
  • You report on true crime, probably as a podcast. You've become so engrossed in it that you feel the need to take matters into your own hands and destroy the villains of these stories.
  • You kill people for...whatever reason. You are a serial killer—or maybe just a hitman, who knows? Maybe you suddenly develop a personal code where you only kill killers and your Mythos awakens, making it even harder to kill those who truly don't deserve it.

Need more inspiration?

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These City of Mist themekits will help you build an amazing character!

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