About Me

About Me


I'm Tavon Gatling. I live at the intersectionality between Black, gay, nerd, and tech.

I'm an Android Software Developer. I've been in this field since 2013. I worked at a company called Mobiquity, then moved on to Ticketmaster Mobile Studios. Now I'm at BlueCart.

But I've also been an avid reader, writer, and TTRPG player. I've been writing since I was little and that passion started me on my roleplaying journey when I got access to AOL chatrooms. (Yes, text based RPGs were my jam.) I've been creating intricate worlds in my head for as long as I could remember. I have a habit of building backup characters for D&D before even playing Session 1 with the main character.

I have a problem. lol

I think writing is a passion of mine I'm not going to be able to shake. It's come in so many forms throughout my life. Who knows, maybe I'll hang up Android Studio one day and just tell stories.