A private investigator stumbles onto a case that hits too close to home. Now, he's got to stop a nefarious plot that threatens to wipe out an entire group of people—including him.

⚡️ THUNDERFANG — Starforged Actual Play Fiction
THUNDERFANG is Actual Play Fiction of my Ironsworn: Starforged campaign. I take a lot of my inspiration from Sherlock Holmes, but I'm not afraid to pull from other works as well, such as the author Agatha Christie or Edgar Allen Poe. It'd be my pleasure if you can spot all the references.

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Season 1

⚡️ THUNDERFANG #1: Who Framed Roger Usagi?
Locke is hired by Jessica Usagi to figure out who framed her husband. As Locke investigates the crime scene, he comes across some unsettling discoveries.
Season 1, Chapter 1

Season 2

⚡️THUNDERFANG S2 #1: Knock, Knock
Locke is with the love of his life and has never been happier. Would be a shame if a conspiracy found him...
Season 2, Chapter 1

All Chapters

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⚡️ THUNDERFANG is my Actual Play Fiction series of my Starforged sci-fi/mystery campaign, captured in a series of short stories. For more info, click the THUNDERFANG link at the top of the page.
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This work is based on Ironsworn: Starforged (found at www.ironswornrpg.com), created by Shawn Tomkin,
and licensed for our use under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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