Want to figure out what assets Locke has, the progress he's made on his vows, and more game-/lore-related knowledge THUNDERFANG has? Check out this page!

⚡️ THUNDERFANG: Starforged Actual Play Fiction
A private investigator stumbles onto a case that hits too close to home. Now, he’s got to stop a nefarious plot that threatens to wipe out an entire group of people -- including him.
THUNDERFANG is Actual Play Fiction of my sci-fi/mystery-themed Starforged campaign, told in serialized short stories. For more information on THUNDERFANG, click this link.
BEWARE! The sections below are updated as each chapter is published, meaning that it may contain spoilers if you are not caught up.


🚀 "The Scarlet Adler," Starship

⚡️ Lightningbranded (reflavored Firebrand)

🕵🏿‍♂️ Sleuth

🤖 "Watt," the Utility Bot