City of Mist Mythos Ideas: Plumbers with Many Lives

Need help creating a Rift with many lives, power-ups, and can really jump high in the City of Mist? I got you covered!

City of Mist Mythos Ideas: Plumbers with Many Lives
City of Mist Mythos Ideas: Mario & Luigi
Creating a new City of Mist character can be daunting. There are so many options available to you that it can be easy to become overwhelmed in the vast amount of freedom you possess in character creation.Below you'll find three Mythos themekits.Essentially, a themekit is like a blueprint.As a player, to use a themekit, you gain the first bolded Power Tag, and then select two other power tags listed, and then select one of the weakness tags. As you advance, you can select any of the other Power Tags or re-answer of the questions.For more information on Themekits, check out p. 10 of Shadows and Showdowns.
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I'm definitely the gamer in my relationship, but my boyfriend fiancé—sorry, still a new word for me—loves some classics, such as older Final Fantasy games and especially Super Mario. He actually just convinced me to play Super Mario World yesterday, which led me to think this would be a really good Mythos idea!

Here's my take on how I would make a Rift of Mario (or Luigi) using the City of Mist rules. The very first one could also serve as a basis for almost any video game character, too.

Mario & Luigi

Divination—Many, many lives

This themekit represents the fact that, as either character, you have access to a ton of extra lives. As a result, you know your way around the world and can easily predict what's about to happen. Use the tags from this themekit to Face Danger, Investigate, and Take the Risk. Occasionally, you'll use them when exchanging blows with an enemy using Go Toe to Toe and Hit With All You've Got, performing just the right sequence of moves to take them down.

Power Tags

Multiple lives, find hidden secrets, quickest way out, better with a power-up, the levels don't change, "I know all their moves", know where to look, perfect timing, give them an extra life, access to meta knowledge

Weakness Tags

Overconfident, "I haven't played this far yet.", boss fights, need more 1-up shrooms


This themekit is definitely more hilarious, but combined with the tags from the Divination themekit, you'll be able to avoid practically anything. Use these tags to Face Danger and Take the Risk, getting out of sketchy situations—or getting into them. And naturally, there's more than few tags that let you Go Toe to Toe and Hit With All You've Got.

Power Tags

Jumping really high, jump off walls, Jump over it, Warp pipe, Spin jump, Passes right under me, "STOMP!", Pick up my comrade, Squish them, Access to the next level

Weakness Tags

New levels are confusing, Fall off the edge, Lose a life, Recognizable footprints

Adaptation—Collect all the power-up

This is your fun themekit. This themekit gives you access to all the various power-ups you'd find throughout a Mario game. Use power-ups to Change the Game and create just the right power-up for the moment. Need to get big? Create a mushroom! Need a disguise? Make one! There's even a tag to help with Investigating.

Power Tags

Power-ups, different costumes, fire flower, knowing where to look, defeating minions, protection from minions, "I'm a hero!", summon solutions for the circumstance, "I'm determined to beat you!", share power-up

Weakness Tags

Must find the right power-up, 1-ups are rare, running out of time, reckless

Logos Ideas

I won't create themekits for the logos, but I have a few ideas if you need a little inspiration:

  • A plumber who begins realizing they know the way to fix everything. As he awakens more, he realizes eating mushrooms can help with the clarity of his knowledge, as well as opens him up to new abilities. Also...he suddenly can play basketball really well?
  • A single father with his daughter—his Princess. In a custody battle, he loses her. She becomes adopted by a rich man in what looks to be a castle, but you can see the truth: he's some kind of evil dragon man. In your attempts to win her back, you awaken to your Mythos.
  • A petty thief whose life goal is to steal the new princess cut diamonds in the museum downtown. While you begin your planning for the heist, you've done this before? And you know exactly what guards are where, and their movements. You've seen everything up until where you can collect the diamonds for yourself. And with perfect timing, you swoop in and claim your prize—only for your greed to take over, and now there's another princess-level score somewhere else. Your Mythos awakens to help you "save" them.

Need more inspiration?

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