City of Mist Mythos Idea: The Rift of the Pokemon Trainer

Be the very best with these 3 themekits to help you build a Rift of a Pokemon Trainer in City of Mist!

City of Mist Mythos Idea: The Rift of the Pokemon Trainer
City of Mist Mythos Idea: The Rift of the Pokemon Trainer


Creating a new City of Mist character can be daunting. There are so many options available to you that it can be easy to become overwhelmed in the vast amount of freedom you possess in character creation.

Below you'll find three Mythos themekits.

Essentially, a themekit is like a blueprint.

As a player, to use a themekit, you gain the first bolded Power Tag, and then select two other power tags listed, and then select one of the weakness tags. As you advance, you can select any of the other Power Tags or re-answer of the questions.

For more information on Themekits, check out p. 10 of Shadows and Showdowns.

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So, you wanna be the very best? Like no one ever was?

Do you wanna be a master of Pokemon? Do you have the skill to be NUMBER ONE?!

In the City of Mist, you can be just that: the Rift of a Pokemon Trainer! Being a Pokemon Trainer provides you with tons of flexibility—you can summon any Pokemon to help you out in a fight! And your main companion is always by your side as well, ready to help out at a moment's notice.

Rift of the Pokemon Trainer

Familiar—Pikachu (or any other Pokemon companion)

The classic Pokemon Trainer definitely walks around with a Pokemon companion of some sort. This is their best friend, typically their first pokemon. This example could go a million ways, but for simplicity, I've gone with Pikachu. Feel free to change up the [bracketed]—or any—Power Tags to better suit your Rift's Familiar.

Pikachu is a shocking Pokemon, and they come with various electrical abilities. It's also pretty fast, and can use its speed to Face Danger if need be. To help with Facing Danger against attacks, remember that it can't die—only faints, which might help it absorb a blow or two.

Power Tags

[Thunderbolt], [Quick Attack], Bond of friendship, [Agility], Can't die—only faints, [Good hearing], [Thunder], [Open spaces], They save me from harm, A true friend

Weakness Tags

[Sometimes shocks me—literally], Can only say its name, [Electric type], Underestimate the enemy

Conjuration—The Rest of the Party

A Pokemon Trainer typically comes with more than just their primary companion. This themekit represents every other Pokemon in your arsenal. You can limit yourself to just a few, or say you have access to them all. In either case, use the Can't bring them all with me Weakness tag in those situations that you feel you wouldn't have brought the correct Pokemon with you.

Otherwise, Change the Game and summon whichever Pokemon you need for whatever situation. Need a Pokemon to punch a bad guy? Use Change the Game with Different Pokemon, Super-effective attacks, and In physical combat to create a Fighting-type pokemon. Need someone to slip into a building and Sneak Around? Use Different Pokemon, Pokemon to remove obstacles, and Espionage to get the job done.

Power Tags

All kinds of Pokemon, Pokemon with a type advantage, Pokemon to remove obstacles, super-effective attacks, Espionage, Take the hit, In physical combat, their pokeball, Recovery items, Teamwork

Weakness Tags

Can't bring them all with me, "I don't have enough badges...", They obey whoever has their pokeball, Run out of PP

Enclave—A Pokemon Center

And you'll need a place for you and your comrades to rest after a long day. Luckily, you've found a Pokemon Center somewhere in the City. Perhaps it started out as an illegal underground clinic and your presence summoned Nurse Joy and Blissey. Maybe it's your apartment, now overrun by random Pokemon. Whatever you decide, this is a space of peace and serenity where you can come to heal your wounds—and maybe even get some of the City gossip from the Pokemon or other inhabitants.

Power Tags

Pokemon Center, Heals me and my friends, Use a Pokemon with Fly, Officer Jenny, healing technology, rest and relaxation, Nurse Joy and Blissey, City gossip, Peace and serenity, Full HP

Weakness Tags

Serves anyone who asks, Lose track of time, real estate agents, police inspections

Logos Ideas

  • You visited the City Zoo nonstop growing up and befriended an animal there during your many visits. Over time, this animal changed into who you now know to be your Familiar. And suddenly, so have the other animals, and the backroom serves as a place of healing for you all.
  • You hate conflict. You avoid it every chance you get. Fighting is simply not your thing. But you can't seem to avoid it entirely. On one of those instances, where the fight comes to you for seemingly no reason, a creature appears and fights for you. And then you learn you can summon more.
  • Proud of it or not, you participate—maybe even run—illegal animal fights. It paid the bills, so you never complained. One day, beaten and on Death's door, one of the animals responds to your moment of empathy and transforms into your Familiar.

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