City of Mist Mythos Idea: Tangled in Hair

Let your hair down and escape your troubles! 3 themekits to help you build a Rift of Rapunzel in City of Mist.

City of Mist Mythos Idea: Tangled in Hair
City of Mist Mythos Idea: Tangled in Hair
Creating a new City of Mist character can be daunting. There are so many options available to you that it can be easy to become overwhelmed in the vast amount of freedom you possess in character creation.

Below you'll find three Mythos themekits.

Essentially, a themekit is like a blueprint.

As a player, to use a themekit, you gain the first bolded Power Tag, and then select two other power tags listed, and then select one of the weakness tags. As you advance, you can select any of the other Power Tags or re-answer of the questions.

For more information on Themekits, check out p. 10 of Shadows and Showdowns.
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In City of Mist, your character gains abilities from a legend, fairy tale, story, legend, etc. You can gain the ability to fly, get flashes of the future, communicate or control the dead, and so much more.

However, just because your Mythos is the Rift of Rapunzel doesn't mean you only get the powers of being stuck in a tower. No! Your Mythos influences the powers you get, not limits.

With that in mind, here are three themekits for the Rift of Rapunzel, using her hair as her weapon, shield, mode of transportation, and an unlimited supply of Get Out of Jail Free cards!

The Rift of Rapunzel

Expression—Prehensile hair

This themekit is your main "do something" power. The way I picture it: your hair can grow and shrink, maybe even change color, all with a thought. You can rock a short-crop one day, and then have luxurious hair that falls to the floor in less than a minute. Use the fact that your hair can do this to punch people, turn into hands, and wrap around yourself to protect you. The possibilities are nearly endless! Take inspiration from superheroes who have stretching abilities, only yours is limited to your hair.

Power Tags

Endless prehensile hair, alter hair length at will, can take a hit, fighting for freedom, focused on a single target, giant fist made of hair, many hairy extra hands, throw better than a pitcher, liberator, hair cocoon

Weakness Tags

bad weather, fire, knocked off balance, it's still hair

Mobility—Letting Down My Hair

This is a potentially comical power, depending on how you play it. You can use this themekit to swing from buildings like Spiderman, or simply lift you up and out of the way to avoid danger.

Power Tags

Swing from my hair, unrestrained growth, lift myself out of the way, rope made of hair, silent and graceful, cushion the fall, attack from above, lend a hairy hand, squeeze tighter than an anaconda, grab something nearby

Weakness Tags

tight spaces, nothing to grab hold of, moving hair is obvious, leave hair behind

Destiny—I Will Be Free

I decided this one didn't need to be hair related. Instead, this themekit focuses more on the Destiny that Rapunzel has. She was locked up, and now she's free. Translated into a Destiny theme, it means she can't be contained for long, and she'll help others do the same.

This themebook is found in Shadows and Showdowns (p. 16).

City of Mist: Shadows & Showdowns - Son of Oak Game Studio |
This is an expansion for the City of Mist RPG, compatible with the Core Books bundle which includes the Player’s Guid

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Power Tags

Destined to be free, used to being alone, explorer, unafraid of heights, unshakeable conviction, my former prison, healing plant, inspirational words, ask for help, magically remove obstacles

Weakness Tags

Betrayed by those I trust, Unaware of the real world, Loved ones in harm's way, [name of the one who locked you away or is the cause of feeling trapped]

Logos Ideas

  • A criminal who has been apprehended. It's your final strike. With this capture, you are doomed to be locked away forever. And then, suddenly, your urge to be free turns into magical abilities.
  • A community member, determined to do right by your people. Perhaps even a wealthy philanthropist. Your determination in the face of adversity inspires the Mythos within to help bring your people to freedom.
  • You're trapped in your current circumstances: dead end job, looming death by disease, horrible relationship, etc. And then one day, someone comes along and inspires you to let your hair down. "Lucky" for you, your Mythos takes this literally.
  • Bonus inspiration: Your character is originally bald for whatever reason, and the awakening of your Mythos causes your hair to grow to full length overnight.

Need more inspiration?

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