Shit's gone to hell [GXYZ]

Newsletter announcing Season 2, Chapter 2: "Gone to Hell"

Shit's gone to hell [GXYZ]
Photo by Artin Bakhan / Unsplash

Another week, another chapter of ⚡️THUNDERFANG.

Oh, Portent. It's where we first met Locke, and the place that Locke considered home for so many years. Too bad shit's gone to hell since he's been gone.

But try to remember it fondly, okay?

If you need help, why not use this Starforged Location of Portent I made! It's a snippet from that project I mentioned a while back. I decided that, for now, it's easiest to pull out pieces and release them individually, that way all of it is not waiting for me to finish before ever being released.

Let's talk about last week's chapter, shall we?

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