Merx #0.1

In this preview of "Merx," Caduceus arrives at one of the local clubs in the city as he waits for his target to arrive. While he waits, he decides to play the savior. Just this once.

Merx #0.1

Act 1, Scene 1 


// Setting the scene

Let's use the Adventure Crafter to set up this first scene.

Action, 26: A Character is attacked in a non-lethal way.
Social, 60: A character is involved in this turning point who offers to save the day
Personal, 100: Meta -> 49: Character steps down. Reroll because we only have the one main character so far. 69. Just going to replace this with None.
Tension, 21: None.
Action, 21: None.

I have no idea what's going on so far. So, let's roll up two characters using the Character stuff in the Adventure Crafter.

Trait, 51: An organization.
Identity, 27: Roll for two. 74, 61: Hero, Laborer.
Descriptor, 15: Roll for two. 54, 65: Clumsy, Difficult.

Trait, 56: An organization.
Identity, 08: Roll for two. 50, 81: Mediator, Subverter.
Descriptor, 09: Roll for two. 23, 49: Beautiful, Interesting.

What's this place? Mythic Descriptors: 48, 35: Hastily Festive.

What's he tasked with getting from here? 94, 40: Softly Good.

This is a lot... of nothing. lol Admittedly, this stopped me for a good... day or so? Initially, I thought this would take place at a carnival or something, but I had a surge of inspiration at some point.

He's at a club, some random day of the week. The first character I rolled up is a bunch of drunk dudes (the "hero" part is cockyness) trying to hit on some women who just are not looking for their attention.

Caduceus is looking for a woman (the "softly good"; it was giving me virgin/fair maiden vibes).


Girls at the Bar (Collective, Size 1) [Helpless City Resident]

Asshole Dudes (Collective, Size 1) [Helpless City Resident], drunk-1

loud music, crowded

The club thrived. It thumped with the bass of each track played, and the party-goers moved with it – on and off beat. The one-too-few bartenders were kept busy, drink after drink being passed out, keeping the energy of the place alive.

Caduceus nursed his own drink, one foot propped onto the wall behind him. He watched them all, patiently waiting for one woman in particular. She was taking her precious time arriving. At least the music was enjoyable.

While he waited, his eyes went from person to person, lingering on any individuals that caught his eye. Plenty of them did – this city was full of good-looking people. For instance, standing on a far wall was a short, curvy woman, her hair pulled back into a ponytail and her light-brown skin highlighted by the emerald green outfit she wore. A tall man with a just-tight-enough shirt stood some fifteen feet away; Caduceus exchanged glances with him more than once. And the man and woman dancing together on the floor in bliss, ignoring everyone and everything around them.

If he had more time, he'd prod them all further – hopefully in more than one way – but he had a job to do.

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