The Mist slowly creeps in... [GXYZ 🌫️ 18]

GXYZ Newsletter #18

The Mist slowly creeps in... [GXYZ 🌫️ 18]
Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky / Unsplash

The Starforged 2022 Jam is almost over!

The Jam has been going strong for a month now, and it's almost over. We've got over 20 submissions so far, and we'd love it if you all submitted anything!

I also have two submissions in there. I talked about one in a previous newsletter (an asset), and the other is a set of Canva Youtube thumbnail templates for Starforged. Everything's free! If you don't have anything to submit, at least check out the wonderful tools and supplements the community has provided.

Starforged 2022 Jam
A game jam from 2022-05-06 to 2022-06-04 hosted by Margot Hutton & gatlingxyz. Prepare to swear an Iron Vow to create something amazing using Shawn Tomkin’s new TTRPG, Ironsworn: Starforged ! This is not a ranked Jam, or a compet...


I got the chance to try my hand at writing 5e magic items, and it was a blast! I'm so, so, SO thankful for the opportunity. Check out the trailer for the Kickstarter and make sure you visit and back it! A lot of people put in some great work to make this happen, and I think for a bunch of us, it's our first time.

(I still can't believe my name is in the credits... AAAAAHHHH!)

Incredible Items
Art-Inspired Magic Items for Fifth Edition

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