Life & Content Update!

Life & Content Update!
Photo by Matthew Hamilton / Unsplash

Long time no speak everyone! So, so sorry for the radio silence, but I've been quite busy in my personal life for the last few weeks and have not had the time to get anything out. I've barely had time for my content!

But, I mean, that's what happens when you buy a house!

My partner and I bought a house recently and have more or less started settling in. It's been a very stressful period for one reason or another but things seem to be calming down now. In the midst of all this, I was very uninspired with Merx and writing in general. However, I managed to break through that mental block and am working so hard on the very first heist in Merx with the help of the optional City of Mist rules featured in Fortune Row. I'll put out an article about these rules eventually, but for now, I'm focused on getting enough played that I can start transforming it into fiction.

Give me about another week or so, and I'll start my regular posting again. Until then, you can still find and contact me over on Twitter: @GatlingXYZ.