Content Creation! [GXYZ]

Content Creation! [GXYZ]

Late at night on June 30th, I saw a post about the Storytelling Collective course on writing your first adventure. I'd come across the website before, made a mental note to check back and... well, never did.

Until then.

I decided, why the hell not? And I bought the course right before the month ended.

Write Your First Adventure | General Path | Summer 2022
Create, write, produce, and publish a one-shot adventure — in just one month!July 1-31, 2022.
There's still time!

Should I have? Probably not. I'm already swamped with Merx updates (did you meet Nana this week?) and trying to get that story played out, all while actually learning to play City of Mist.

City of Mist: Mythos and Logos
City of Mist has an interesting character creation process. Consisting of Logos and Mythos themes, you build a Rift powered by a legend! I’ll tell you what all that means inside!

Meanwhile, there's a constant tug and pull to start planning more THUNDERFANG stuff, and my partner and I are in the process of buying a house!

I think I just like chaos.

Now, mind you, I've technically written an adventure already. I made one for Starforged and I think it hits on a lot of points already discussed in the course so far. But now I'm getting more insight into how other creatives handle this process, and I feel like it's already making me better.

Rise and Shiningstar
An Unofficial Introductory Adventure for Ironsworn: Starforged. You are being drawn to a settlement named Shiningstar. You don’t know much else about the settlement yet, but whatever draws you to it has made you swear a vow.

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