⚡️THUNDERFANG Season 2 Chapter Titles!

A paid-members early look at the titles and hero images of the first four chapters in Season 2!

⚡️THUNDERFANG Season 2 Chapter Titles!
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⚡️ THUNDERFANG: Starforged Actual Play Fiction
A private investigator stumbles onto a case that hits too close to home. Now, he’s got to stop a nefarious plot that threatens to wipe out an entire group of people -- including him.
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Season 2 is shaping up to be a crazy season, and I can't wait for you all to experience it! And because I can't contain all of my excitement, I just have to share it!

Below you find the titles—and hero images!—of the first four chapters in Season 2! The first you'll notice is also featured in Prologue #2 at the very end. The other three are exclusive to you all.

Fair warning, though: one of them has a slight spoiler in it, but only if you're observant.


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