How was Season 2? [⚡️ THUNDERFANG GXYZ Newsletter]

What a ride!

How was Season 2? [⚡️ THUNDERFANG GXYZ Newsletter]
Such a pretty book...
If you're a returning reader, welcome back! And for everyone new: welcome to this wonderful rollercoaster, filled with conspiracies around every corner.

This is the ⚡️THUNDERFANG weekly newsletter! Inside, you'll find the link to this week's latest chapter, a somewhat-brief talk going over last week's chapter, as well as a small spoiler for next week's!

The Season Finale of ⚡️THUNDERFANG

Season 2, Chapter 26

Season 2 was a wild ride, everyone. Despite having moments that were pre-planned, most of it went completely off-script—in all the best ways.

What were your favorite moments of Season 2? Leave a comment below!

Also, in case you missed it, the complete ebook for Season 1 was released a little while ago! You can purchase a copy on my kofi or you can grab one from Amazon or Google Play Books!

⚡️ THUNDERFANG Season 1 [ebook]
⚡THUNDERFANG follows Locke Holmes, a P.I. looking to clear his client of murder. He uncovers a startling conspiracy—the first of many that threaten the lives of many just like him. 21 chapters & 50k+ words sure to keep you guessing. Conspiracy Awaits.

My hope is to do the same setup for Season 3: start in the beginning of next year (2024). Season 3 is set to be the final season. I can confidently say that there is going to be some additional THUNDERFANG content this year, though I can't say what that will look like or when it will drop just yet. Keep an eye out on your emails!

And—on a completely unrelated note—I started a Youtube channel! I did my first review on Yumi and the Nightmare Painter (Secret Project #3). Check it out when you get a chance!