Busy, busy, busy [GXYZ Newsletter]

Busy, busy, busy [GXYZ Newsletter]
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Who's Askin?

Eric from Drakonspyre Gaming has posted the first ship log for Talia Bridger. In it, Talia has been called to travel to a settlement known as Shiningstar.

What could possibly go wrong?

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Starforged - R&S Ship’s Log 1: Who’s Askin?
Editor’s Note: Ironsworn: Starforged was created by Shawn Tomkin. It can be found on the Get Starforged Absolute Tabletop store, Shawn’s itch page and DTRPG. Rise & Shiningstar was written by Tavon Gatling for Starforged and can be found on his Ko-fi. The void of space stretched out in front of me.…

How errant can this adventure go?

It took us a while—I had a lot going on, lol—but a while back I got a play with a group of amazing people! They should be very familiar names: Matt Risby, from the Bad Spot; Joshua Meehan, the amazing artist for Starforged; and Steve Morrison, from Errant Adventures.

We had a BLAST—hehehehehehe—and I can't wait for you all to see the shenanigans we got into! Check out the first episode of this three-part adventure!

Bonus Episodes — Errant Adventures

My NaNoWriMo Goals

I've been doing NaNoWriMo since 2018 (except '20, the Year We Do Not Speak Of), and have loved the challenge of it. Wrote a story that's been in my head since I was a literal child in '18 and '19 (won both times, btw), and in '21 I wrote a bunch of short stories (fell short by about 5k words or so).

This year?

This year, I want to write a bunch of supplements—adventures, locations, maybe a bestiary!—for the games I play. Primarily Starforged, but I want to include something for City of Mist as well.

Rise & Shiningstar has been getting great feedback lately and it's definitely given a great boost to my confidence. A Thousand Sweet Kisses has been selling pretty good as well, and this is all the motivation I need to do it again.

I want to use the challenge and deadline of NaNoWriMo to crank out as much content as possible. Whether I succeed or not, NaNoWriMo will push me to produce something instead of waiting for things to be "right."

I already started collecting ideas, lessening the scope of some future projects and placing them in this timeframe as well. It's going to be great!!!!!

As a member of GXYZ, I'll share all of my progress with you as November goes on. Might even pick your brain in case I need some help! Wish me luck!

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Rise & Shiningstar

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